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Windows 10- Hop on the Bandwagon?

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If you have not heard, then here is a spoiler for you:

Windows 10 is out! And the start menu is out!

There are a number of handy features in windows 10, but the real question is, should you update now or wait until later?

We will typically upgrade 1-2 of our PCs ahead of time to begin testing it in a business environment before recommending a roll out to our customers. That way we can see how it will work with the products that we use in business environments. So far it seems to be solid, but there are a few things to consider for businesses:

1. Backup and Restore options

One of the biggest annoyances with Windows 8 and 8.1 was the lack up backup options. We had to often find third party solutions to take care of customer backups. In Windows 10, the windows 7 backup has returned, which is a plus.

2. Return of the Start Menu

Windows 10 has returned the start menu that had windows 8, 8.1 users going crazy. Returning the start menu with a new interface has made it easier to use, and helps people find items easier than pushing windows button and being dragged away from the desktop.

3. 3CX is NOT yet supported for windows 10 yet. There have been a number of complaints about 3CX software not working properly. If you are a 3CX user, its best not to upgrade yet.

4. If you are a remote web workplace user, there have been notable issues with running RWW for SBS 2008 on windows 10, (1) being that you cannot select a pc to remote to using Microsoft Edge. There is no option for it currently. (2) What you can do is go to the start menu, search internet explorer, add your RWW site to compatibility settings, and make changes in your server using the changes suggested at this link:

That will enable you to use RWW in Windows 10.

Our recommendation?

For home users, you can upgrade for free up to a year so please take advantage of the opportunity.

For businesses, we’d recommend waiting a bit for Microsoft to resolve some of the issues at hand. There are also a number of business with third party applications now working to be ready for Windows 10 as well. In the long run, it will be one of the better OS releases, but it needs some time to make some needed changes that will help businesses make an easier transition.


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