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3CX- Troubleshooting Audio Issues

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From time to time, we get calls complaining of One way Audio Issues. There are different ways of dealing with it and troubleshooting it, but we have a method that should help resolve the issue, that will save you time I think its a good deal! Why waste hours searching for the cause to the issue when you can figure it out with a few simple steps? Check the Basics. Often times issues can be caused by incorrect configuration.

Check the Public IPs listed under Settings –> Phone provisioning, Settings –> Network, and Voip Provider –> Provider –> Advanced. If those are correct, move to Step 2:

Try the Telnet Feature in Command Prompt. Note: You may need to enable telnet under programs and features. If Port 5060 is incorrectly configured, you’ll run into a wide variety of issues. Run the following command:

Telnet <Public IP> 5060

If it returns an error, than that’s your problem. Go back and check your router configuration and made sure there isn’t an antivirus issue (Kaspersky causes 3CX Issues) and check your firewall (if running separately from router.)

If 5060 opens correctly, check to make sure your ports are opened correctly. You can refer to 3CX documentation for the proper TCP/UDP configuration. Also wait until after business hours (per your client’s policies) and run the firewall checker. Also check your router to be sure that ‘SIP ALG’ is not enabled. That setting is also known to cause call quality issues.

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