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3CX- Are you backing up your settings?

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We Texans know, especially since we got hit by so much rain in May, that weather and other disastrous situations can occur. We are a strong advocate of taking good backups of Servers, PBXs, and other equipment. If something happens, and we never know when, what are you going to do? Surely you don’t have the time to reconfigure things from scratch or re-make important documents. In the case of 3CX, there are different ways to properly back up the settings. It can be a bit confusing at first. The actual backup part is easy. You simply open up the backup and restore tool, select the settings you would like to back up, and click the backup database button. Easy-Peasy.

Now what if you want to run the backups on a schedule? The options for that are not in the backup console, so you’ll either need to use a script, or backup the entire VM as some businesses do. We have a script that we use for the majority of our customers. After configuring the script, all we have to do is set it up in the task scheduler, and our backups run on a schedule after that. Please contact us if you would like to hear more.

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