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3CX and the Antivirus Game

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We had a situation once where we had a client inform us that 3CX would not work on their laptop. The error message kept popping up saying that it ‘could not connect to the Web API.’ What does this error mean?

In our experience, when we’ve seen that error, it means that something is blocking 3CX’s connection to the outside world, and therefore it cannot connect to the 3CX Server.

Here’s the question to ask yourself: What Antivirus Am I using and how deep does it scan my PC?

Any Antivirus that runs real time scans is going to cause 3CX to not work properly.

Here are the ones that we have noticed do not cause an issue with 3CX.

-Trend Micro (Be sure that the 3CX folders are in the exclusion list)

-Microsoft Security Essentials


There are others as well, these are just the ones we know of so far.

The ones that we have seen cause issues with 3CX are:


-Norton (We’ve seen Norton cause other problems as well. We don’t recommend Norton in any environment.)

-McAfree Any others that do deep real time scanning.

You can also add 3CX to folder exclusion lists to see if it causes issues.   We are not saying that 3CX PCs or Servers should not have antivirus on them. Typically, servers or PCs used for 3CX or other services should not have people surfing the web or using it for actual work, so catching a virus is unlikely. If per company policy you do want some sort of protection, make sure that it does not do deep scans or excludes the 3CX folders. Not doing so will result in firewall or audio issues.

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